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Deposition Rooms

We have conference room rental plans that include coffee for up to ten people. Sometimes you need a virtual office where your phones get answered and you get mail in a mailbox. For a low monthly fee you can have an address in a building where clients think you have a big office space. If there are specific things you need or want in a house, be sure you list them for us so we can get you the house of your dreams. We can look for a home or apartment by the square foot or by the number of bedrooms you need.

Having a real estate agent with a business administration degree tells you that experience will come through when looking for properties for you. You can rent a virtual office online for the exact space and amenities you need. Some people prefer to invest in commercial properties rather than residential properties. If you want to be walking distance to the beach or walking distance to shops and restaurants, be sure to let us know before we start our search. Some people are looking for a home on the beach that they can turn into a rental property most of the year.

If you need a washer and dryer in your home, and you want a water filtration system, be sure to inform us. If you prefer to fake it till you make it, you can rent an office from us on an as needed basis. Some people who rent our office spaces are only in town a few days out of the month and find them convenient. When you need a conference room just once a month or once a week, we can set that up for you. If having a live person answer phone calls for you is important, you will love our service.

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