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Virtual Offices

If you have pets and want to move into a condo, we will find a pet friendly building for you. You can have a dedicated phone number where we answer the phone for you as though you have a secretary. Some people prefer to live in a condo close to shopping and golfing rather than living on the water. Some people who rent our office spaces are only in town a few days out of the month and find them convenient.

When you need a voicemail or answering service to look like a bigger business, we have that available for you. When you rent an office by the day you can rent a small office one time and a larger office the next time. A virtual office can give you a professional business address and a lobby where you can meet your clients. Finding a home with a yard for your kids may be the most important thing you want in a home.

when you rent a conference room for an hour or more you can have complimentary fax service both incoming and outgoing. Choosing a new place to live is easier when you have a good real estate agent helping you.